Reality Natalie

I think this is a wonderful book, especially for girls in the middle grades. Natalie has twin younger siblings. She feels she is left in the family. The twins are involved in a photo shoot and Natalie feels every time she asks her parents anything they ignore her or turn her down. This was the case when Natalie had a chance to audition for Kidz Konnection, her favorite television show. Her parents refused to sign the permission form. Natalie forged her Mom's name. Of course, she got caught. She managed to meet her father's requirements and the stations to be able to audition. She was to audition with her best friend , Kailyn. Kailyn was always a winner at everything. She changed her questions for the audition in hopes of embarrassing Natalie and throwing her off guard. Natalie handled it extremely well and let her true self work in her favor. She found out that the audition costs her many things: the trust of her parents and her best friend. The story continues to tell how she mended these relationships. The author does an excellent job of leaving the door open for another book-maybe a series??