Mike and the Dog Gone Labradoodle

I read Mike and the Dog Gone Labradoodle by Emlyn Chand and found that this book is wonderful. It  tells the story of Mike and his twin sister Maddie. They are twins but are different as night and day. Their relationship changes when Nic, a girl that Mike really likes, comes into his mother’s pet shop crying because she had lost her dog. Mike and his friend went with her to look for the dog while Maddie remained at the pet shop. Later in day when Mike, Nic and his friend had no luck in finding the dog, they returned to the pet shop. Maddie stepped to in help.She decided to take a logical approach to finding the dog.

You have to read this book to find out if she was successful.All the children became friends and formed a club. This made Mike happy because he would get to see more of Nic.  The story also has an underlying plot about telling the truth. Maddie had been skipping music lessons and going to the ball field without telling her mom. She did not like the violin lessons. She was grounded for not telling the truth.  This book would be a great great for children 8-12. I think it would be a great book to use in a reading group. This book is overflowing with materials that could be used in a reading group or Book Club.