This is a wonderful about two children who enter a parallel world. They must work together to figure out the mysteries this land holds.  They are able to use magic only accessible to Sam: they have figure out exactly how the magic works and when it should be used,  This story flows...
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A Year in the Secret Garden

This book is amazing. I used to teach second grade. I can see using this book with a group of children doing an in-depth study of The Secret Garden. This is a "must have" to go along with The Secret Garden. There are such things as recipes of the times, traditions, and character analysis.The book...
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Sweet T and the North Wind

  Sweet T and the North Wind is a wonderful book that any third or fourth grade student would enjoy. T's scooter turns magical, with the help of her imagination, during the North Wind. She has some funny as well as some heart warning adventures. This book allows for lots of discussion. I would...
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